Helping Universities and Students Make the Grade With Chatbots and Integrated Solutions

The Challenge

Navigating the financial aid process and registering for classes can often be just as difficult as completing coursework for students. It’s no wonder why these activities alone can keep campus call centers busy trying to get answers to their questions and concerns. And while universities are under pressure to streamline costs, often these call centers are understaffed and manned by students themselves.
In today’s competitive higher education market, how well you are able to meet student’ needs, addressing their questions and keeping them up-to-date on the status of their financial aid and other university news, is important to your success as an institution. So, how can you accomplish this with limited resources?

We develop interactive smart custom software that helps you better engage with students:

  • Machine-learning tools
  • Chatbots
  • Integrated solutions

We work with you to understand your needs


We understand that engaging with students is a two-way street, requiring communication between the university and students. But traditional automation can’t accomplish this task. We develop custom Chatbots, software robots that can simulate human conversations, to answer students’ questions. They are not only responsive, but proactive as well. For example, we can program them to initiate outbound texts (SMS) to let students know when they are missing financial aid information, need additional classes to receive their funds, or other issues. The response to Chatbots has been very positive – not only is it easier, and less frustrating, but it also lets today’s students communicate the way they prefer – through texts.

We’re helping leading universities use Chatbots for inbound and outbound customer service to not only help them address their call center staffing issues cost-effectively, but also to give students 24/7 access to the information they need, in the way they want it.

For example, our education-specific Chatbot, Ven, is helping university call centers communicate with students via Messenger to answer questions about campus happenings, make class changes and more easily assimilate into campus life.

Our custom-designed Chatbots are giving students the ultimate user experience, while giving universities high grades for being technology trailblazers, and receiving the competitive advantage that comes along with it.

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