Many airlines today are relying on legacy systems that are difficult to deploy, maintain and improve. These older systems also make it hard to integrate critical applications — such as baggage handling, ticketing, lost baggage systems and crew schedules. All too often you’re left with little or no visibility into your operations. Not only can that lead to problems – when, for example, you can’t locate lost baggage – but you are also missing out on opportunities to operate more efficiently in a competitive market.

Also, most legacy systems are not user friendly and often impede your staff’s ability to do their jobs quickly and effectively. Your baggage handlers, for example, need to be able to put the bags on the right plane quickly and accurately – with little time or room for error. There’s no two ways about it – managing these mission-critical operations effectively is essential for survival in today’s 24/7 airline industry.

We deliver solutions that help you break down the siloes that can impede smooth-running operations:

  • SaaS-based technology
  • Application modernization
  • Systems integration
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Mobile apps

We work with you to understand your needs


We work with you to understand your needs inside and out. For example, in developing an application for a customer, we spent a week with the baggage handlers to understand their needs and challenges. When we noticed that they typically wore gloves, which made it difficult to handle the mouse, we designed and developed a web-based app that could navigate through the keyboard. Since the baggage handlers, who had to move high volumes of luggage in short timeframes, were relying on devices with small screens, we custom designed a responsive web-based app that had a clean user interface with big, easy-to-read buttons. In additions to streamlining baggage handling, we’ve added an app that manages missed flight baggage, ensuring that the bags get on the right plane. We also integrated the airline’s key apps so different areas of operations can communicate with each other.

The application modernization project we implemented for this customer has made all the difference. Now, not only can baggage handlers do their jobs more effectively, but management has visibility into operations. Using dashboards on iPads and mobile devices, they can review efficiency and focus on continuous improvement.

Our deep understanding of what makes airlines fly, is evident in the custom software we develop that helps you modernize legacy apps, remove frustrations for travelers and airline personnel, and stand apart in a competitive marketplace.

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