Customized Analytics and Big Data Tools to Make the Most of Your Data

Advanced analytics, including machine learning,  predictive analytics and big data help you take advantage of all that data to make better, informed decisions and save lots of time and money, since you are able to get it right the first time.

Organizations and business in general, are becoming much more complex. There are all kinds of choices to be made and constant time and margin pressures to meet. Meanwhile, new enterprise applications and software are generating massive amounts of data – and it can seem like an overwhelming task to turn that data into insight and answers.

But all that data can be a gold-mine for your company, and Wovenware can help you build the analytics solution that makes sense of it it all – and one that’s just right for your business. Through our partnerships with Qlik and Microsoft we are able to implement the right business intelligence solution for your specific needs. 

There’s no one fit for every business and the right solution can help reinvent different industries in different ways. In manufacturing, sensor-based data from the Internet of Things, for example, can help you assess product performance with greater precision than ever before.

And retailers can use big data-based analytics to integrate disparate information—such as how much a consumer spends and the kinds of products she buys and the patterns in which she buys them—so they can more accurately assess future buying plans. The promise of analytics is equally powerful in health care, where wearable health-monitoring devices generate massive amounts of new information about the effects and outcomes of medical treatments.

Predicting Business Outcomes

Our solutions don’t end with big-data analytics, we also use many techniques to build customized predictive analytics solutions , such as data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to analyze current data and make predictions about the future.


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