Capture Sensor Data for Real-Time Analytics

Use the cloud to ingest data from multiple sources of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data like sensors, manufacturing execution systems and ERP's, and bring it together into Azure storage for your analytics. Let the hype of the Internet of Things become a reality and join Smart Manufacturing and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning

Improvements in anomaly detection and defect prevention can be achieved by analyzing existing production data from your manufacturing execution system.  Predictive analytics and Machine Learning allow data to be processed into data sets taking non-visible factors to create self-aware, self-maintaining production and service facilities.  Let Wovenware create models in Azure that learn from your existing data sources and use them to predict trends and behaviors. 

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machine learning2

Visualize your Operation with Manufacturing Data

With your data on the cloud, you can visualize easier and give access to your executives, managers, and team members so that they can make the most acurate decision in real time.  Be it PowerBI, QlikSense, or other tools, the Azure Cloud can surely make it easier to spread the knowledge in youer organization.

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