Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Wovenware is part of the US, giving us a clear advantage that no other offshore or nearshore resource can provide for the Healthcare IT Industry. We offer significant advantages over traditional software development services: better quality and Intellectual Property (IP) protection, shorter geographic distance compared to many global outsourcers, better price, and a deep cultural understanding of our customers’ business environment.  

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Healthcare IT


The Healthcare Industry is very complex. It takes extraordinary levels of domain expertise and years of actual project implementation experience across multiple customers in order to understand what types of software changes actually produce business service improvements. With more that thirteen years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, we understand the software solutions that will help you improve your business services. Wovenware differentiates itself by solving real-world business challenges with actual experience in the Health Industry.  



We have developed custom software solutions for Healthcare related companies in several areas. We have experience processing HL7 Continuity of Care Documents and ASC X12 HIPAA transactions, new feature development and maintenance of a dental electronic medical record, and validation of claims for health insurance companies among many other custom software solutions. Learn more about our experience with Axex® Dental here.

Healthcare IT Experience


Wovenware Nearshore Software Development Distance Benefit

Bring offshore software development jobs back to the US. Wovenware is located in Puerto Rico, a US territory in the Caribbean. Some facts about our location:

  • Timezone: Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4:00) – it’s usually the same as Eastern Standard time, except when daylight savings occasionally sends things off by an hour
  • Business hours: we work when you work. Our location makes it easy to coordinate with all North American timezones, as well as Europe.
  • Distance: we are a 3 hour plane ride away from most major East Coast US cities. The Wovenware team can be at your location quickly when needed.


Want to learm more about our Healthcare IT software development experience? Please download our Axex® Dental Case Study here to learn how Wovenware was just the right fit.


Wovenware Axex Dental Case Study

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