Challenges and New Business Opportunities

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    Needed to modernize its legacy system to a web-based system to enable greater integration with other systems and apps.

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    Enable improved mobility to allow access from iPads and other mobile devices.

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    Improve the experience of the baggage handlers who must quickly and accurately load and unload bags often under bad weather conditions or route changes.

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    Needed a better way to share and leverage data across functions – from ticketing and customer service to external systems.


    “We wanted to take a more strategic approach to our operations and speed update cycles, improve time to market and make changes faster for customers,”

    said David Kennedy, CEO, Quantum Aviation Solutions.

    “Through our work with Wovenware, we are now able to provided automation and greater efficiencies to airlines, and we’re much better positioned to do business in today's environment.“


    Web-Based App Enables Greater Data Integration, Improved Baggage Handling and Visibility

    The first step for Wovenware was designing a web-based app that would give Quantum Aviation Solutions the flexibility, scalability and compatibility it needed. In order to fully understand the needs and challenges of baggage handlers, we spent a week with them to experience it first-hand. When we noticed that they typically wear gloves, we knew operating a mouse would be out of the question and a web-based app with a keyboard shortcuts would be optimal. Additionally, since the baggage handlers are moving high volumes of luggage in short timeframes, and their screens needed to be larger than normal, we custom-designed a responsive web app that had a clean user interface with big, easy-to-read buttons.

    In additions to streamlining baggage handling, we’ve added an app that manages re-flighting, ensuring that the bags get on the right flight when people miss their flights. We also integrated the airline’s key apps so different areas of operations – from ticketing to customer service and lost bags to human resources – can communicate and share data in real time.

    The application modernization project we implemented for Quantum Aviation has made all the difference. Now, not only can baggage handlers do their jobs more effectively, but management has visibility into operations. Using dashboards on iPads and mobile devices, they can review efficiency and focus on continuous improvement.

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    Key Business Benefits

    The results have been nothing short of impressive for Quantum Aviation. The move from a terminal-based approach to a SaaS, web-based architecture has been well received among existing customers and it has helped land new customers. No less important, the approach allows Quantum Aviation to manage multiple sites and services with a smaller team and monitor mobile devices and fix problem remotely.

    airline flow technology

    • The ability to track and trace bags from check-in to final delivery and reduce lost baggage costs
    • Ensure bags get from point A to Point B regardless of route changes, thanks to scalable software that enables airlines, airports and baggage handlers to share data
    • Turning lost bags into better customer experiences by reducing the time it takes to communicate with multiple airlines and conducting faster re-flighting of bags