Challenges and New Business Opportunities


    icons8 google sheets 128  Manual processes and Excel spreadsheets reduced visibility into the business and kept data siloed in different functions. 


    icons8 test passed 129Poor vendor visibility meant missed opportunities to improve contract terms, build closer vendor relationships, or manage vendor promotions.

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    It was difficult to leverage data due to inconsistent collection, delays in analysis and uncertainty about predictive models.

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    Lacked an efficient way to manage its 30 delivery staff, including when and where they delivered goods.


    “We realized that our continued growth depended on our finding a system that could not only collect information, but also consolidate it across key functions and enable easy analysis. It also was important that it seamlessly integrate with our AS/400 server. Wovenware developed this system for us, and now we can quickly identify trends and new business opportunities,”

    Alfredo Suárez Serrallés, Colomer & Suarez

    Using Data for Greater Visibility and Smoother Operations

    • The food service distributor turned to Wovenware to more effectively collect and use its data. The outcome was a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, to define, track and analyze key data for sales reports, estimates, etc. and provide management with information to evaluate expected vs. actual performance.
    • The system also enables it to evaluate expected vs. actual performance through KPIs, based on data from purchasing, inventory, distribution, sales and other operations.
    • Wovenware also created a web portal that provides access to all the data in real-time, creating a workflow to support different contracts, promotions and campaigns per client. Now, all relevant staff can interact with the contract – from creation to closing.

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    Key Business Benefits

    Colomer & Suarez has seen significant improvement in its operations enterprise-wide.

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    • Better workflow and processes. To better manage contracts and offers, with better business processes
    • Improved employee performance, supplier collaboration. Greater visibility into data helps the company improve employee productivity and strategically manage vendor relationships
    • Increased operational effectiveness