Challenges and Business Opportunities

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    The university needed to provide a student services channel, open 24/7 without requiring around-the clock support staff

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    It needed to quickly and more efficiently answer student questions and address their concerns in the manner in which students are most comfortable - through online channels and without having to search, just by asking a question

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    Being consumed with basic and routine questions especially during peak times did not provide service center staff with adequate time to be more proactive and interactive

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    Employing a chatbot would enable the university to obtain more qualified admission candidates and increase graduation rates


    “Today’s students rely on instant information over online and social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS or other channels,”

    said Marilina Lucca Wayland, Chancellor of the Metro Campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

    “We’re committed to giving them the information they need, when and how they need it. Deploying a chatbot allows us to meet students where they are, while also reducing costs and better engaging with students beyond routine questions.”


    Wovenware Chatbot Built on Microsoft Azure Platform For Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution

    To meet the university’s needs, Wovenware built a chatbot, a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution that is trained to answer 80 percent of the frequently asked questions over the Internet. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, the company built the solution upon the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform and Microsoft Azure cognitive services, a popular platform for chatbot development and with which Wovenware has extensive expertise. In addition, the platform is extremely scalable, allowing for ongoing training data to meet more detailed requirements.

    The flexibility of the Azure platform allows Wovenware to easily expand the scope of services the chatbot can provide based on analysis of collected data. It also can interface with other systems, to order transcripts, or retrieve the status of grants and financial aid packages, among other things.

    Wovenware is continuously maintaining and training the chatbot monthly, reviewing question logs and training the chatbot to respond to new ones.

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    Key Business Benefits

    With the fully deployed chatbot addressing student questions over the website and via Facebook Messenger and SMS mobile, the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico is able to automate 80 percent of the questions it receives daily from students, while cutting in half the number of support staff required. This enables staff to focus more on less straightforward questions that may be too difficult the chatbot to handle, or to proactively work with students to help them meet financial aid deadlines, termine the best course selection or seek help with failing grades. Other benefits include:

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    • 24/7 student support that is not reliant on staff or a call center
    • Reduced calls to the support center
    • Fast response times
    • Reduced operational costs
    • More relevant admission candidates
    • Greater student retention rates


    With a library of best practices building and training advanced chatbots and other AI solutions, Wovenware is the proven partner for universities looking to leverage smart technologies to help educate the next generation of advanced thinkers.