Challenges and New Business Opportunities

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    Sports Alternative needed to up its game. It had to find an automated way to manage the rounds of tournament play and coach registration, as well as provide real-time standings and scores and scores- just like the major leagues

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    Its legacy on-premise solution kept failing when multiple users tried to use the application simultaneously, impacting business operation

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    The company needed a solution scalable and robust enough to meet its growing customer base and variable usage environment 

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    The new system had to be easy to use and require minimal on-site IT support


    "We needed a strong and scalable system to keep pace with the growing complexity of sporting events. It was critical to have a real-time and reliable way to constantly update and manage tournament brackets, coach registration and other sporting event activities."

     Luis Aguila, President Sports Alternative



    Cloud-based Solution Provides a Slam Dunk for Scalability, Functionality and Efficiency

    • Sports Alternative turned to Wovenware to help it modernize its legacy  Eventiu platform to manage rounds of tournament play. The original on-site application was unable to scale or handle the volume of activity that was required.
    • Wovenware helped Sports Alternative transition the Eventiu platform to the Microsoft Azure cloud, so it could keep pace with changing needs more quickly than ever before, ensure improved response times and easily expand the capabilities of the solution based on real-time demand.
    • To do this, Wovenware developed a custom-designed, secure web application, which featured updated open source technology and a decoupled front-end and back-end, which allows scalability and external tools integration. In addition to tracking team standings and brackets, the solution lets users schedule courts and fields to maximize recreational facilities throughout communities. 

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    Key Business Benefits

    The new cloud-based solution, the Eventiu application's response time has been improved by more than 50% from its original on-premise performance, and the system is easily able to handle increased demand activity seamlessly. benefits include:

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    • Loading times for key tournament data has been reduced by 80%
    • Application downtime has been reduced by 95%
    • The customer experience has been greatly enhanced, with real-time data and improved application performance
    • New customers, tournaments and services have been easily added without taxing the application 
    • The company has an easy growth path for adding in AI-based capabilities like chatbots that can answer basic questions, such as final scores or player stats.