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We will be reviewing your application shortly and will send you an email to let you
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Here are the next steps to expect:

Icon made up of a finger pointing to a phone, a cellphone beside the hand with a figure in the screen to represent phone screening.


Once a candidate is selected, they will proceed to receive a phone call from one of our team members from Human Resources.

Icon made up of two figures inside a screen with pop up dialogue clouds. It represents a virtual culture interview.

The Culture

The candidate will then be asked to participate in three different interviews, starting off with the culture interview, where they will be evaluated to see if they are the right fit for our culture.

Icon made up of a figure with a pop up dialogue cloud beside them. They are inside machinery. It represents the technical interview.

The Technical

Once the culture interview is over, you will be asked to take a technical test to evaluate your set of skills, along with a technical interview, where you will be able to showcase them.

Icon made up of a figure with a pop up dialogue cloud beside them. Beside them a list. It represents the operational interview.

The Operational

After the test is done, the candidate will move forward to the operational interview, where someone from the administrative department will oversee the interview.

Icon made up of a rectangle with three stars inside it and a flag on top ot it. It represents the final stage.

The Final

Once the candidate successfully overcomes the three initial interviews, one of our team members from the human resources department will reach out and an offer will be made.

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