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The Importance of Value Stream Management

Machine Learning Outsourcing: Nearshore Vs. Offshore

What is Machine Learning Offshoring? Offshoring, when applied to machine learning outsourcing, refers to the practice of outsourcing machine learning tasks, projects, or processes to service providers or teams located in distant, typically lower-cost regions or countries. This approach is adopted by businesses and organizations to leverage cost advantages, access a broader talent pool, and…

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Computer Vision Services Vs. In-House Computer Vision

Table of Contents Computer Vision Services Vs. In-House Computer Vision When implementing computer vision for your project or business, the decision between a pre-built, cloud-based computer vision service and developing an in-house solution is crucial. Let's dissect the key considerations: Which option is more cost-effective? Computer Vision Services: Often these services operate on pay-as-you-go models. No upfront…

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development for non-developers

Choosing the Right Software Development Consulting Service

Summary: Software drives businesses today; it’s the key to remaining competitive, productive and operating efficiently. That’s why it’s critical that organizations do their homework when selecting a software development consulting partner to help them succeed. By investing in software development consultancies, businesses can harness cutting-edge solutions, tailor them to their unique operational needs and ensure…

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woman using a tablet

Is There a Role for Blockchain Technology in Software Development?

Summary: The blog explores the potential of blockchain in software development but concludes that, currently, it is not a cost-effective or practical solution. Instead, the focus should be on established methodologies, collaborative teams, and the right tools to achieve effective software development outcomes. Table of Contents But Does it Really Make Sense in Software Development?…

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Open Source is the Answer to a Software’s Developer’s Prayers – But Why Can it Be so Difficult to Get it Off the Ground?

Summary: This article shares how leveraging nearshore software development expertise can help accelerate open source software integrations Table of Contents Building Better Payments Solutions with Open Source  The Challenges to Making Open Source Software Your Own  A Committed Approach to OSS Optimization  Since its founding in the 1990s, open source software (OSS), forms of programming code…

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Strategies for implementing effective software testing

Quality Software Begins and Ends with Testing, Testing, Testing and More Testing

Summary - This article shares the crucial role of software testing and quality assurance (QA) in software development and the best practices, tools and techniques to ensure success. Table of Contents Strategies for Implementing Effective Software Testing and Quality Assurance  The Key Tools of Automatic Testing The Role of QA in Defect-Free Software …

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serverless architecture

The Role of Serverless Architecture in Modern Software Engineering

Summary - In this article, we'll examine the role of serverless architecture in contemporary software engineering, highlight how it has revolutionized application development and deployment and discuss its advantages in terms of efficiency, scalability and development speed as well as its ability to concentrate on core business logic and facilitate integration. Table of Contents…

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Scalable and Resilient Software

Five Strategies for Developing Scalable and Resilient Software Systems

Summary - In this blog post, we'll explore five practical strategies for developing scalable and resilient software systems. These strategies include the use of cloud computing, adopting microservices architecture, implementing a disaster recovery plan, testing and implementing load balancing. Table of Contents Strategies for Implementing Effective Software Testing and Quality Assurance  The Key Tools of…

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