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Scientist Will Test New Cancer-Hunting Treatment Made With AI

Strand Therapeutics leverages Artificial Intelligence to design genetic circuits, the intricate regulatory networks governing mRNA behavior. These circuits act like tiny computers within cells, dictating when and where the mRNA produces proteins to target cancer cells. Designing such circuits is no easy feat, and that's where AI comes in. Strand's AI algorithms mine vast datasets…

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Supervised Learning in Computer Vision: What is it and how is it used?

Table of Contents Ever wonder how Netflix recommends your next binge-worthy show, or how spam filters keep your inbox pristine? It's not magic, it's supervised machine learning, a powerful tool quietly shaping our digital world. While the term might sound intimidating, the core concept is surprisingly approachable. In fact, a staggering 67% of companies leverage…

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Data Scientists

The Next-Generation of Data Scientists Requires a New Approach

In the recently published Forbes Tech Council  article, “Just when A Data Scientist Has It All Figured Out, The Rules Change,” I had the opportunity to discuss the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and the future prospects for rising data scientists.  In the article, I presented some statistics from The Bureau of Labor Statistics that reinforces…

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AI Soft Skills

What Are the Soft Skills that Data Scientists Need to Build Effective AI Solutions?

I recently explored the changing requirements of today’s data scientists in a Forbes Technology Council article. While it traditionally has not been the focus, today, soft skills are just as important as technical prowess. Since AI deals with real-world problems impacting people, communication skills and empathy are the traits that companies want to see in…

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Understanding Data, Analytics and Insights

Understanding Data Insights and Analytics

Improving the customer experience and creating impact with products centered around human values require organizations to move beyond traditional data and analytics strategies to lay the foundation for insights-driven change. To build an organization that maximizes the values of multidisciplinary teams, diverse data sources and omni-channel support, it’s important to strip the insight-generation process to…

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Outsourcing & Nearshoring: What are they?

A New Set of Guiding Principles for Data Science Project Management

What Has Not Changed The number of companies around the globe that are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) multiplies every year. Given this trend, data scientists are in high demand and specializations like natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning are becoming increasingly important. Despite the shortage of AI talent, companies cannot ignore the role of…

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