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Carlos Melendez

Carlos Melendez Discusses The Rising Role of AI for Better Patient Care At University of Puerto Rico Event

Summary: Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly vital role across key healthcare sectors, and it’s something that Wovenware COO Carlos Melendez sees first-hand as he works with clients to help them realize the benefits of deploying innovate AI solutions. Sharing his insights, observations and thought leadership on the topic, Carlos is honored to participate in…

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bitcoin coins on a laptop

Putting Citizens First: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation in Government

Summary: In order to address the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional government software systems and improve citizen access to services, governments must prioritize a human-centric approach to digital transformation, involving citizens in the design process and leveraging data and evidence to create efficient and user-friendly solutions. Table of Contents Challenges of Traditional Government Software Systems The…

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woman analyzing a checklist

The Solution to Future Bank Crises: Data-Driven Visibility and Accountability

Summary: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank highlights the need for stronger oversight and proactive measures in the banking industry, necessitating the use of real-time dashboard monitoring, holistic data integration, artificial intelligence, and automation to enhance visibility, mitigate risks, and prevent future crises. In the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, it has become…

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woman using a tablet

Is There a Role for Blockchain Technology in Software Development?

Summary: The blog explores the potential of blockchain in software development but concludes that, currently, it is not a cost-effective or practical solution. Instead, the focus should be on established methodologies, collaborative teams, and the right tools to achieve effective software development outcomes. Table of Contents But Does it Really Make Sense in Software Development?…

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Wovenware team celebrating 20th anniversary

Celebrating 20 Years of Wovenware: A Town Hall to Remember

Summary: Wovenware recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of growth, innovation, and success in software development, while reflecting on their journey, embracing summer vibes, and expressing gratitude for their team, clients, and partners Table of Contents A Trip Down Memory Lane Raffles, Lemonade, Popcorn, and Piragua The Significance of the Milestone   At Wovenware,…

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guy holding up an sphere

How Well are Wovenware’s 2023 Technology Predictions Stacking Up?

Summary: This article revisits Wovenware’s predictions for a year focused on pragmatic technologies that can prove their worth during a challenging economy and assesses how relevant this focus remains mid-way through 2023 Table of Contents A Prolonged Tech Talent Shortage Pragmatic Tech Spend  Data Privacy Regulations Rise of UX 3D Intelligence    Back in January, the…

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National Caribeean American

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month is a Good Time to Celebrate the Diversity that Makes up the Mosaic of the U.S.

Summary: Wovenware recognizes National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and the contributions of Caribbean Americans who have helped to shape the country. June marks National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, which was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005 to recognize the Caribbean people and their contributions to the culture of the United…

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