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Success Stories

Remote Software Developer

How We’re Working Through COVID-19: Best Practices to Keep Operations Humming and Employees Engaged

Today we are all facing challenging times personally and professionally as a result of COVID-19. When it comes to business, many of us are reinventing how we work, lead teams, communicate with customers and partners, and are finding new ways to gather around the water cooler with teammates. Yet, for Wovenware, this isn’t the first time…

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Wovenware Employees At New Office

Wovenware Expands Operations; Moves Headquarters to New San Juan Location

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Sept. 24, 2019 -Wovenware, a U.S. nearshore provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software development services and solutions, today announced that it has tripled the size of its corporate headquarters, moving the company’s operations to a 13,000-square foot facility on Calle Los Angeles in San Juan, Puerto Rico, only a half-mile…

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Caribbean American Heritage Month Recognizes Value of Diversity

This month marks the 13 Anniversary of National Caribbean American Heritage month and this year’s theme, Contributing to the American Landscape, couldn’t be more fitting. Today, Caribbean Americans, as well as U.S. territories located in the Caribbean, are contributing greatly to the U.S. in many ways, through tourism, cultural diversity and increasingly through business expertise.  And,…

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