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Chatbots helping universities meet student needs

Chatbots in Higher Education Get an A+

Given declining enrollment in higher ed institutions nationwide, universities are under increasing pressure to attract students and keep them happy. Customer service has become more important than ever, but with limited budgets and staff, many universities have fallen behind and need to up their game. Let’s face it, millennials, who grew up with the Internet…

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President's Task Force on Puerto Rico

A Reflection Before the President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico Roundtable Discussions

Two weeks ago, I was invited to participate in the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status Roundtable Discussions. The meeting is on April 9 on The White House Executive Office Building.  The Task Force roundtable discussions are focused on 3 subjects: Making Puerto Rico Open for Business, Economic Competitiveness and the Knowledge-Based Economy, and Energy Leadership and…

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