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Wovenware’s COO, Carlos Melendez, discusses his unique background in engineering and law, the company’s mission to leverage AI for human benefit, and staying ahead of the curve in the tech industry.

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Summary: Carlos Melendez, COO of Wovenware, discusses his journey blending engineering and law, the company’s mission to harness AI for human benefit, and their strategy for staying ahead in the tech industry.

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Wovenware‘s co-founder and COO, Carlos Melendez, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. In this exclusive interview, we’ll hear from Melendez about his journey from engineering to entrepreneurship and how Wovenware has been at the forefront of digital transformation since its founding in 2003.

Melendez will share his insights on companies’ challenges in today’s digital landscape and how Wovenware helps them overcome those hurdles. He’ll also discuss his educational background in engineering and law, which has undoubtedly shaped his approach to technology and business.

What is the core mission and vision of Wovenware, and how do the company’s values align with your personal beliefs and goals? 

Wovenware is now part of Maxar Intelligence, a leading space tech provider, but our values and mission remain the same as always. We’re committed to helping companies in regulated industries solve their most complex business challenges. We combine in-depth industry expertise with world-class technical knowledge to help amplify human capabilities through software and AI solutions. Technology and all aspects of our lives must focus on the human element and our common humanity. By keeping humans at the center of focus, even in an age where AI is all the rage, we’ll be certain to keep technology in its rightful place as a support tool instead of a replacement for the unrivaled capabilities of humans. 

As vice president of operations, what are your primary responsibilities at Wovenware, and how do they contribute to the company’s overall success? 

Along with my cofounder, I oversee our team of more than 240 employees, including world-class software developers and project managers, data scientists, data specialists, and other professionals.  

Perhaps the most exciting tech tool today is Generative AI. Wovenware has been developing AI solutions for clients for years, but the advent of GenAI is democratizing it for the masses. GenAI can become the gateway AI tool for companies looking to adopt the technology, sparking new ideas about how automation can benefit their business operations. However, it’s not only AI; software automation will continue to be a business driver. At Wovenware, our software engineers, data scientists, and other professionals stay current with all relevant certifications and the latest programming and development tools.  

Wovenware works with various clients. How do you foster and maintain strong client relationships, ensuring their service satisfaction? 

We have a very collaborative culture, and our service design, software engineering, and AI teams work closely together to holistically approach client needs. We also work in an agile environment and conduct consistent sprints to keep client projects on track and optimized for the best performance. By starting with design, we help clients take the risk out of software development and AI projects. We work to understand how they operate truly and their users’ frustrations and needs and deliver solutions uniquely aligned to those needs. 

How would you describe the culture at Wovenware, and how do you ensure it remains a positive and innovative environment for employees? 

Our culture can be described as collaborative, respectful, and human-centric. We give our employees every opportunity to succeed with regular training, certifications, and feedback. Many of our 240 employees have been with Wovenware for many years. In addition to hard work, we also have lots of fun and are considerate toward the health and well-being of our employees. We hold regular Wellness Days, celebrate individual and group achievements, and find ways to serve the community as a group.  

Beyond business success, how does Wovenware contribute to the community or social causes? Are there any philanthropic or community engagement initiatives that the company actively supports? 

We work with several organizations, such as ConPRMetidos, Invest Puerto Rico, Grupo Guayacan, the EO Network, and others, that work to boost the island’s economic development. As an organization, Wovenware is extremely committed to giving back to the community and helping to educate the next generation of software and AI talent, so we’re actively involved in mentoring and training programs with the leading universities in Puerto Rico. In a public proclamation, We were recently recognized by the city of San Juan as a business leader and innovator.  

Based on your experience, are there key qualities or skills you believe are essential for success in the entrepreneurial space? 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not without risks; the key is to follow your passion and not be afraid of the risk. It’s also important to partner with other smart individuals, organizations, and businesses because there is always strength in numbers, and helping each other is the key to everyone’s success. 

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