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AIPR 2024 Health Industry Summit Sheds Light on Future of AI in Healthcare 

AIPR conference

Summary: Wovenware cofounder plays key role in collaborative atmosphere of 2024 Manufacturing Association’s Summit on Health. 

Wovenware’s cofounder, Carlos Melendez recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Health Industry Summit, hosted by the Health Committee of the Association of Industrialists of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico’s manufacturing association. Held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan, this year’s event was entitled, “Innovation in a Challenging Healthcare Economy.”  The summit’s goal was to strengthen the collective capacity to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico, promoting closer collaboration between industries, healthcare professionals, health and government entities. Judging by the participation in the event, Puerto Rico is well on its way to meeting this goal. 

Carlos joined a panel of distinguished healthcare leaders in presenting the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in health. Other sessions focused on the economics of the commercial health insurance market, cyber risks in the sector, gene and cell therapies, as well as important updates to Medicaid and Medicare programs. 

AI in Health  

The AI in Health panel that Carlos participated in was comprised of brief presentations given by four industry leaders, and moderated by Dr. Jose E. Novoa Loyola, FACC and Chief Medical Director of Triple-S, a leading health insurance provider in Puerto Rico. 

CorePlus PR’s CEO, Mariano de Socarraz, presented on the transformation process toward precision pathology. CorePlus PR is one of the first firms in the U.S. to implement AI based on digital pathology for primary diagnosis, and to reduce the occurrence of false negatives in diagnoses. Mariano provided great insights into how AI can support medical professionals and diagnostic technologies to improve patient health. 

Also speaking on the panel was Vivian Solivan, President of Metro Pavia Clinic, the largest Specialized Medical Services Network in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Vivian addressed the rising role of AI for improved patient outcomes.  Antonio Ramos Guardiola, Executive Director of Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), the goverment office responsible for overseeing and implementing technology across the Executive Branch of government in Puerto Rico, also spoke about the value of AI, as well as the need for governance to ensure its safe and ethical use.  

Rounding out the panel, Carlos Melendez discussed some of the ways that AI is being applied in healthcare and life sciences, the benefits and challenges that need to be overcome, as well as the future of AI in healthcare. The benefits of AI that Carlos touched on include: 

  •  Better treatment decisions, assisted by data-driven diagnostics and analytics 
  • Improved patient experience, with more timely diagnostics and targeted treatment plans 
  • Proactive preventative care, with automated patient alerts, notifications and medication reminders  
  • Improved telehealth/telemedicine, providing greater accuracy with remote patient monitoring 
  • Personalized Medicine, and targeted therapies based on the needs of the individual 

As Carlos explained, AI is opening up a whole new way forward for improved patient outcomes, more targeted therapies and a better patient experience, while providing much-needed support to over-burdened health professionals. New innovations in AI-driven healthcare are on the horizon, yet the key will be on governing its role-out to ensure not only the safety and health of patients, but to ensure that medical professionals remain in control, not handing off medical decisions to AI, but using AI as a support tool to guide their decisions.  

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