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From Intent Data to Predictive Analytics, Data is the Lifeblood to Better Decisions

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Summary: This blog discusses the crucial role of data, particularly intent data, in making informed business decisions, highlighting insights from Forrester’s report on the significance of intent data for B2B organizations, and emphasizes Wovenware’s expertise in leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and domain knowledge to help companies unlock valuable insights and drive success across various industries.

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How can intent data help you better engage with customers? It requires a strong data analytics approach that can help you anticipate customer behavior and drive growth.

This is one of the insights that Wovenware shared as part of Forrester’s recent report: If Your B2B Organization Is Not Investing In Intent Data, You Are Falling Behind.” The report was released by Forrester to help marketers better understand how to maximize the impact of intent data. In the report, Forrester highlights key survey findings, offers insights from intent data users and providers like Wovenware, and presents advice for organizations to maximize the impact of this increasingly valuable asset.

Based on the Forrester study, an overwhelming number of companies using intent data have achieved business benefits, such as increased response rates from outbound marketing and more successful sales prospecting.

Wovenware is honored to be asked to participate in Forrester’s eye-opening study and share our thoughts on intent data’s ability to enable actionable insights to improve customer retention and engagement across all stages of the buying process.

Data has indeed become the lifeblood to organizational success. Leveraging intent data for B2B marketing is one of the ways that valuable insights are derived from data. But in addition to intent data, Wovenware knows how to help you get the most out of your data across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Leveraging the Power of Data  

While intent data provides valuable insights to marketers, every organizational function in a wide variety of industries can uncover valuable insights from data, yet the sheer volume of data is often going ignored simply because companies are overwhelmed by it and don’t have the capacity and expertise to make sense of it.

That’s where Wovenware comes in. Our data analytics expertise enables scalable and accurate Insights as a Service. We help you understand what your data is telling you so you can make smarter business decisions.

Leveraging a combination of data analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, our patented synthetic data services and domain expertise, we collaborate with all your relevant stakeholders to understand your business challenges. We then determine what type of data is needed to support your goals, collect the data, clean and classify it and set it into action, training an AI algorithm. Supported by the data-points revealed by the solution, we then provide a comprehensive analysis and outline critical steps that can be taken to reach your stated goals.

Whether it’s to reveal what intent data is telling marketers about their customers, or to help insurers anticipate customer churn with historical data, Wovenware knows how to help you leverage data to drive your business.

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Data is the Lifeblood to Better Decisions

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