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Wovenware’s Carlos Melendez Takes the Stage at Puerto Rico Icon 2023: Joins the Conversation on Innovation and New Technologies 

Carlos Melendez

Summary:  Co-founder and VP of Operations Carlos Melendez will be sharing his insights at the Puerto Rico Icon 2023 event, discussing the symbiotic relationship between AI and human innovation. As part of the discussion, he’ll share AI’s role as a complementary tool that enhances creativity, problem-solving, and efficiency while underscoring the importance of ethical considerations in responsible AI development.

Wovenware has been a pioneering force in Puerto Rico’s tech industry for more than 20 years. At this year’s Puerto Rico Icon 2023 event our Co-founder and VP of Operations, Carlos Melendez, will be joining a panel discussion titled, Navigating Tomorrow: AI’s Potential, Pitfalls and the Path Ahead.  Taking place at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico on Nov. 29, the event, is bringing together technology, government, and other business leaders across the island to explore the drivers to transformation and innovation in Puerto Rico and beyond by empowering individuals to spark socioeconomic impact 

As Carlos and his peers on the panel will discuss, Artificial Intelligence is truly revolutionizing how businesses across all sectors operate, grow their businesses and drive innovation. Yet, innovation remains inherently a human endeavor. Despite the incredible capabilities of AI to process vast amounts of data and identify patterns at speeds beyond human capacity, it is crucial to emphasize the irreplaceable human qualities of creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence. 

The prevailing fear that AI might replace human workers is dispelled upon closer inspection. Instead of replacing human roles, AI serves as a powerful tool that complements human skills. By handling mundane and repetitive tasks, AI liberates human resources to focus on what they do best – ideating, creating, and innovating. This symbiosis between AI and human innovation is foundational to the evolving tech landscape. 

As Carlos will share with panel participants andattendees, Through AI-driven automation, processes are streamlined, errors are reduced, and decision-making is accelerated. This efficiency, in turn, allows humans to redirect their efforts towards more complex problem-solving, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. 

An example of our own work helping to use AI to drive innovation is with a leading insurance provider in Puerto Rico. The company turned to Wovenware to help it ideate and create an AI-based predictive churn model for Platinum Advantage members, using claims and demographic data. This custom predictive analytics model identifies potential churn among members, providing critical information for targeted customer retention strategies, transforming the patient experience through proactive remediation.

As this example outlines, innovation, at its core, is not merely about problem-solving; it is about generating new ideas, concepts, and possibilities. AI plays a pivotal role in this process by providing the insights needed to engage with customers in new ways and expand the concept of effective customer relations and getting to the heart of customer needs and frustrations.  

The panel discussion will also address the ethical considerations that AI poses Responsible AI development requires a commitment to fairness, transparency, and accountability. Striking the delicate balance between human control and AI autonomy is imperative to avoid unintended consequences and ensure that AI aligns with human values. Carlos Melendez’s insights at Icon 2023, grounded in Wovenware’s journey, are sure to contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue about the dynamic relationship between innovation and technology. 

Carlos Melendez Takes the Stage at Puerto Rico Icon 2023

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