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Wovenware Celebrates Proclamation of Puerto Rico Biosciences Month With Panel Presentation   


Panel Discussion at the University of Puerto (UPR) to shed light on the impact of AI on Bioscience sectors and the skills required to maintain the industry and Puerto Rico’s competitiveness.

Our COO, Carlos Meléndez, has the honor of joining a panel presentation, Monday, October 16, at the University of Puerto Rico’s Central Administration offices, as our governor proclaims October Puerto Rico Biosciences Month.

There are many reasons to be proud of the critical role Puerto is playing in many biosciences sectors. According to Invest Puerto Rico, “for more than six decades, Puerto Rico has established itself as a prominent bioscience hub, earning the reputation of being the ‘Medicine Cabinet of the USA.’ With a rich history and expertise in the industry, the island offers a foundation for innovation and growth.”  Further, 12 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies manufacture their products in Puerto Rico, and 19 of the top 30 pharma, biotech, and medical device companies have operations in Puerto Rico, according to the Economic Development Administration. 

Along with our vibrant growth in biosciences, Puerto Rico is also home to leading technology innovators, which is increasingly becoming more critical as artificial intelligence (AI) and other disruptive digital tools become integral for continued bioscience innovation. 

Carlos looks forward to joining other like-minded business leaders to share how AI is enabling the next generation of Biosciences innovation across the island. He’ll also share what it means to be considered a center of AI excellence for our parent company, Maxar Technologies. And, how various types of AI are being applied in leading fields of bioscience – from R&D in the lab, to patient diagnostics and care treatments.   

During the discussion, he will also share how firms such as Best Option Healthcare, or CDI Labs partnered with Wovenware to use AI in innovative ways to augment the work of life sciences professionals. And, he hopes to engage audience members in discussing the critical drivers to continued AI innovation across the island. Critical to this evolution is the need to bring AI instruction to students studying bioscience discipline; nurturing and developing talent  in science, technology, engineering and mathematics  (STEM); and creating academic/business partnerships to provide hands-on experience to students.    

We’re happy to join government, business and academic leaders at the event as we celebrate biosciences in Puerto Rico. We’re on the cusp of a new frontier in how AI is driving innovation across all fields of bioscience – and Puerto Rico, with its vibrant biotechnology and tech sectors, is the perfect destination. Stay tuned for more insights following the event.  

Wovenware & Puerto Rico Biosciences Month: AI's Role Unveiled

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