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Dana Montenegro: Showcasing Data-Driven Design at the U.S. Census Bureau Data. Innovation Symposium

Dana Montenegro

Summary: In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, it takes a visionary leader to bridge the gap between data and design. Dana Montenegro, Chief Design Officer at Wovenware, is one such visionary who will take the stage at the upcoming U.S. Census Bureau Data Innovation Symposium. With a rich background in human-centered design, Dana will be one of three experts on the panel titled “Building Successful Technologies for People: From Data and Design to Launch and Adoption.” Here are some things to expect.

The Challenge: Getting AI and Technology Projects Right While Solving Monumental Problems

Society grapples with complex issues every day, from healthcare accessibility to education reform and government efficiency. Brilliant minds come together to devise solutions and now more than ever leveraging AI and data, but too often, these solutions fall short of making a real impact. Why? Dana and his fellow panelists explain why so many projects fail and how to improve your success rate. They argue that the missing link often lies in our approach to product development.

The Solution: Leveraging Data, Human-Centered Design, and Lean-Agile Practices

Dana’s panel discussion is based on the practice that success in products is built on three fundamental pillars: data, human-centered design, and lean-agile approaches. These parts are not distinct, but rather interrelated, and they work together to develop long-lasting and successful solutions.

A Diverse Panel of Experts

The panel will also include Coral Cotto Negrón, a seasoned expert in product management and founder of; as well as Charlie Fuentes, a digital service and user experience designer at the United States Digital Service. These professionals will offer their own experiences as well as actual examples of current technology in the government, education, and healthcare sectors that have effectively merged data, design and lean techniques.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. Census Bureau Data and Innovation Symposium promises to be an enlightening event. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into building technology solutions that truly make a difference. By learning from leaders like Dana, we can collectively work toward a future where innovation is driven by data, design, and a commitment to human-centric solutions in ways that deliver new product success and real-world impact.

Stay tuned for our post-symposium blog, where we’ll delve deeper into the key takeaways and highlights from Dana’s panel, providing an even more comprehensive understanding of how data-driven design can shape the future of technology and innovation.

Register for the October 12th event which is a part of the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster Summit here: 

Data-Driven Design at U.S. Census Bureau Symposium

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