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Carlos Melendez Discusses The Rising Role of AI for Better Patient Care At University of Puerto Rico Event

Carlos Melendez

Summary: Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly vital role across key healthcare sectors, and it’s something that Wovenware COO Carlos Melendez sees first-hand as he works with clients to help them realize the benefits of deploying innovate AI solutions.

Sharing his insights, observations and thought leadership on the topic, Carlos is honored to participate in a virtual panel discussion: The Cycle of Opportunities and Experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Machine Learning: Using AI in the Medical Industry for Patient Care. The event is being hosted on October 19, 2023 by the University of Puerto’s (UPR’s) Rio Piedras Campus Center for Academic Excellence. 

Sharing the Use Cases and Possibilities Driving a New Age of AI-Driven Healthcare. 

From telehealth services that enable remote patient care, to deep learning-based algorithms that help identify abnormalities on X-rays, many types of AI are empowering medical practitioners with the assistance they need to enable better patient outcomes. 

Carlos will share stories of how Wovenware has helped leading healthcare providers, such as Best Option Healthcare, use AI in innovative ways, such as to help detect and treat ulcers in patients. In addition to showcasing the opportunities that AI enables to create healthier patients, better experiences for them and data-driven assistance to medical professionals, he’ll share the challenges that AI can present and the need to ensure patient data privacy and to always keep humans in the loop.  

As a center of AI excellence in Puerto Rico for Wovenware’s parent company, Maxar Technologies, Carlos looks forward to discussing what that means for Puerto Rico and AI innovation on the island. He hopes to engage audience members in discussing the critical drivers to continued AI innovation in healthcare and the critical need to foster an understanding of AI for the next generation of healthcare and medical professionals. 

Stay tuned for post-event insights, as he shares highlights from his esteemed peers on the panel as together they raise awareness on how AI and other disruptive technologies are driving innovation across all facets of healthcare. 


Carlos Melendez Discusses The Rising Role of AI for Better Patient Care At University of Puerto Rico Event | Wovenware

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