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Wovenware’s Parent Company, Maxar, and ESRI Team Up for Precision3D™

Our parent company, Maxar Technologies, provider of comprehensive space solutions and secure, precise, geospatial intelligence, recently announced that it will make its Precision3D data available for viewing in Esri’s ArcGIS Online Living Atlas of the World.

Maxar combines its patented 3D algorithms with the world’s largest archive of high-quality commercial satellite imagery to produce a geospecific 3D representation of the planet.

Maxar’s Precision3D Digital Surface Model, Digital Terrain Model, Buildings and Vegetation vector data will enable ArcGIS users to immerse themselves in a digital twin that unifies the physical and virtual worlds for better decision-making.

Precision3D is the highest resolution and most accurate 3D map of the world, which is crucial for aligning datasets to Maxar’s geospatial foundation, running digital simulations in urban environments and preparing natural disaster response plans, among other use cases.

Additional products that were made available in ArcGIS Living Atlas, include:

Vivid™ Standard. A high-resolution, high-accuracy and visually-consistent global imagery basemaps built with Maxar satellite imagery.

Vivid Advanced. Which upgrades Vivid Standard’s quality over select metropolitan areas with nearly cloud-free imagery basemaps.

NaturalVue® 2.0. An image mosaic that combines more than 60,000 Landsat 8 images to create a seamless, virtually cloud-free, 15-meter basemap that reflects the Earth’s true colors.

National Urban Change Indicator (NUCI). A commercial urban change detection product that highlights areas of new construction activity by isolating changes that persist over time, derived from more than 13,000 Landsat images.

Together with Maxar, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way geospatial data is accessed and analyzed to improve the decision-making process.

Maxar & ESRI to Enhance Precision3D | Wovenware

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