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Summary – There are many variations and definitions of what a Center of Excellence actually is. In this article you will learn about how Wovenware’s Center of Excellence structure looks like, what does it mean to Puerto Rico, why does it matters and the objectives of our CoE. Scroll down for more information.


Defining what a Center of Excellence is

There are many different explanations of what a Center of Excellence (CoE) is but they all lead to a committed focus on innovation. The concept of creating special-interest groups for thought leadership actually originated in lean manufacturing. Gartner says a CoE is “a physical or virtual center of knowledge concentrating existing expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance and value.”

“A Center of Excellence is a team of skilled knowledge workers whose mission is to provide the organization with best practices around a particular area of interest.”

Tech Target, 2018

Here at Wovenware, we’ve always thought of ourselves as a Center of Software Development and AI Excellence, but it’s now official. With our recent acquisition by Maxar Technologies, Wovenware became one of Maxar’s software development and AI/machine learning (ML) Centers of Excellence, focused on developing new solutions for customers.

We’re excited about what it means for Wovenware to be a Center of Excellence, but also what it means for Puerto Rico. It puts the island on the map as technology innovation hub. As the pandemic and the shift to remote work options have taught us, there’s not only one way or one place where work can occur – and no longer is technology growth confined to places like Silicon Valley or New York. Many companies are choosing to open up shop or outsource tech projects a bit off the beaten path and they’re finding that Puerto Rico is a prime destination.

As a Puerto Rico-based CoE for AI and software development, we’re also able to bring new career opportunities to local tech talent, as well others wishing to work in Puerto Rico. And, it gives us the framework and support to expand the boundaries of software and AI innovation, to make digital solutions work to improve communities, governments, healthcare and other businesses.

Today, the pace at which technology evolves is unprecedented and the bar is constantly being raised when it comes to delivering digital transformation solutions that boost the user experience, grow revenue and give organizations a competitive edge. As an incubator of innovation, a CoE like Wovenware has the freedom to fulfill customer dreams, or actualize what they didn’t even know they needed.

What exactly will our CoE look like?

The Wovenware CoE creates a vision for AI and innovation across the company and how it might enable new business models and digital strategies. We’ll also work closely with local universities, technology industry partners and AI start-ups to harness expertise and new idea and create a local AI ecosystem.

And, just as we do with most of our projects, we’ll work in an Agile environment, working on many short-term deliverables and conducting frequent meetings with stakeholders. In addition, with AI comes a whole new frontier of ethical issues that are evolving real time.

As a CoE, we will continue to provide a diverse team that is committed to delivering unbiased AI, no matter which industry we are developing it for. We’ll also collaborate more closely internally and with external partners to work through new and emerging ethical AI issues to come up with solutions that can set precedents in the industry.

Key goals of our CoE

  • To develop an enterprise-wide AI and software development vision and strategy
  • To define company standards for the platforms, processes, and methodologies to be employed
  • To develop internal programs to improve and teach industry best standards for AI and software development
  • To build our deep workbench of the best data scientists software engineers and developers in the industry
  • To inspire the next generation of rising tech talent
  • To consolidate AI resources, findings and talent in Puerto Rico

Having an AI and software Center of Excellence in Puerto Rico will have profound repercussions on the local economy and its attractiveness to global businesses. It also provides a safe harbor for innovation and the exploration of new digital frontiers.

What is a center of excellence and why does it matter?

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