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Lesson Learned About How To Run A Tech Company During A Natural Disaster

How to run a tech company during a disaster

Summary – You would think that after Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, we would be able to weather any future storm. Despite thinking that we learned our lesson back in 2017 and were prepared for whatever came our way, Hurricane Fiona required a bold new disaster plan to address a transformed tech company and a drastically changing world. These are a few lessons on how to run a tech company during a natural disaster.

In a recent article for Forbes Magazine, I had the opportunity to write about the many lessons learned on how a tech company should run in the midst of a disaster. After two disastrous hurricanes in Puerto Rico in 2017, we learned some valuable lessons on how to be prepared for whatever comes our way. As a result of the hurricanes, we moved our headquarters to another location in San Juan that provided us with better quality of services such as power, water, and internet. We also installed a backup generator to provide power up for two weeks if needed. That move served us well when Hurricane Fiona hit last year.

Yet, despite being prepared for Hurricane Fiona, it required a new disaster plan to address a transforme a Software Development and AI company.

Consider the best practices that we incorporated

Keeping systems up and running and sharing power:

In Today’s world, every company relies on software and can be brought to its knees when systems are down. Being a software company, we can’t allow this to happen, so in challenging moments we need to find answers and solutions. We were up and running within 24 hours after Hurricane passed trough the island.

No such thing as over-communicating:

The pandemic taught us that in times of uncertainty, there’s no such thing as overcommunication. For our employees we made it a standard practice during and after the hurricane to communicate daily. We also provided the same type of consistent communication with our clients. Being in Puerto Rico, it can be difficult to know how the news is being reported on the mainland, so it was important for us to confirm to our customers that we were open for business. 

Overcoming the challenges:

Disaster can occur any time, however we’ve learned from previous experiences and we want to keep learning.We’re working hard to remove any notion that it’s risky to work with nearshorers in Puerto Rico. We have the system, plan, and tools to overcome any challenges.

Disasters tips for tech firms:

Build redundancies into power: it’s important to have backup internet service and power from different providers to minimize the risk.

●  Audit your providers: If you rely on service partners for things such as supplements, ask about their processes and plans for emergencies.

Secure vital systems: You should have GPU and costly equipment in a safe temperature-controlled space that’s protected from water.

Migrate to the cloud:  If you have systems on-premise, move your systems to the cloud for easy access.

Reach out to the community: Maintain ties to your community and offer help every time you can. One day, it might be you who needs a helping hand.

A disaster can happen at any time, but with a good plan and constant communication, we can overcome any catastrophe. We know that, because we’ve done it.

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Lesson on How To Run A Tech Company During A Natural Disaster

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