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Working with “Fundación Rayito de Esperanza”

Fundación Rayito de Esperanza

During the past few months, we have been participating in activities with “Fundación Rayito de Esperanza,” a non-profit organization, which provides programs and medical services without cost to patients — from infants to 21 years old, who are currently fighting cancer or have recently been cured. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to meet with the patients because of COVID, since they have visitor restrictions, but  Wovenware has donated non-perishable food items to help them with necessities.

Thanks to all Wovenware employees who always keep donating and giving what they can to make these activities possible. It’s so rewarding to share what we have and  generously give to those who are in need.

About Us-Wovenware

Wovenware is not only a software development company, but also a company whose employees care about the communities where they live and work.  Our main purpose for our communities is to help, support and serve. 

Working with “Fundación Rayito de Esperanza”

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