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This is the second of a series of posts about the benefits of Puerto Rico Nearshoring your software development. There’s a variety of reasons why nearshoring to Puerto Rico can offer huge benefits to your company. In summary, our advantages are simple: distance, price, quality and language.

In this post, we are going to specifically talk about the benefits of a nearshore software development company with an international reach, no language barriers, no cultural shock, and why it is one of the biggest advantages over traditional offshoring development.

Companies that offshore or nearshore their software developments look for partners who can understand their needs and are easy to communicate with. Communication problems are one of the reasons why custom software development projects sometimes fail. Nearshoring benefits include having a partner that speaks your same language and understands your business culture can be the difference that makes your software development project a success.

No Language Barriers

Puerto Rico is a US territory, which means we speak both, English and Spanish (actually both English and Spanish are the official languages of the Island); this guarantees clients that they are working with a truly bilingual team of experienced professionals. Nearshoring benefits companies in a big way because this means an easier communication process with the developer in charge of the project; this at the same time ensures a quicker, smoother and more successful engagement.

Your company can work directly with staff from Puerto Rico without any language miscommunication or need for translators. Also, companies that decide to work with a Software Development Company have the added benefits of working with a partner that can help them in the process of creating apps and programs for the Hispanic market, which is one of the biggest and fastest growing segments of the population in the United States.

A fact mentioned in The Economist that is very important for companies considering nearshore software outsourcing to Puerto Rico is that, “Spanish has more native speakers than any language other than Mandarin”. This means that around 414 million people in over 31 countries are fluent Spanish speakers. So when you consider nearshoring to Puerto Rico do not think about it twice, remember that Spanish is one of our main languages and we can help your company expand into the Latin-American market with no language-related problems.

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No Cultural Shock

As we have mentioned before, Puerto Rico is a US territory. So taking this point into consideration, it can be said that your company won’t suffer from cultural shock. No lost in translation. Why? Because being part of the United States means that we share countless similarities, and those are not only about the language we speak. We have been a US territory since 1898 and we have adapted not only traditions, but also laws among other things.

Usually, when people work with other countries they confront this so-called cultural shock, that has a huge impact on the interpretation of the project’s mission, vision and goals. In Puerto Rico you will not experience that; from food, hotels, language and activities you will feel like you are home, but with tropical weather all year round.

Puerto Rico NearshoringBased in San Juan, Wovenware provides nearshore software development to various clients in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, US Virgin Islands, Alberta (Canada), and London. As a US-based company, regulated by Federal Law, we follow the same best practices, standards, and procedures as other US companies, but with a cost reduction because of our unique location and cost of living. Be it because of our high-quality software developers, IP protection laws, price reduction, warm culture or distance proximity, hire Wovenware for your next software development. 

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Puerto Rico Nearshoring Benefits: Language and Culture

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