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A few months back, while searching to connect with clients, I had the opportunity to participate in the “Encuentro Empresarial” forum in Spain. Wovenware was included in a series of panels where different companies from various industries showcased the unique value of their services, creating future partnerships for Puerto Rico.

We were excited to participate in this trip, which served as a commercial opportunity overseen by the department of economic development and many of its functionaries. It was additionally a personal invitation for the governor of Puerto Rico, after hosting the president of Spain on the island to celebrate the 500 years since the founding of our city.

The many participants of the commercial trip included: the secretary of economic development, Manuel Cidre, with his team of directors; Jorge Jorge, of Toro Verde; and additional representatives for companies, like Bellamina, Amasar, Robila and Hacienda Los Ángeles. In one of the panels, where we each talked about the many opportunities Puerto Rico has to offer, we shared our personal experiences doing business in PR.

Creating Future Partnerships for Puerto Rico

In the words of Manuel Cidre, “Why Spain? For its knowledge on the topic of electricity, their great knowledge and advancement in the technology field and their huge knowledge of the agroindustrial sector.”

Our company, Wovenware, was a bit different from the other participating companies because they were able to take their product with them and share them with others, while we are a company from the tech industry. We offer an array of human-centric digital AI and software development solutions.

The trip was a great experience. Since we are both Spanish-speaking folk with similar cultures, it would be a great opportunity and advantage to connect with Spain-based companies and have them consider us for future project prospects.

When they asked me why should they consider us, I answered: “because of what we do, our software development, because of digital transformation. It is an incredible opportunity to strengthen ties between each other”.

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Creating Future Partnerships for Puerto Rico

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