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Kill Bill, the open-source billing and payment platform and Wovenware, a provider of custom AI and software engineering solutions, have announced that Wovenware has created an open-source plugin that integrates the global eCommerce payments provider, Adyen, to the Kill Bill platform, to enable more options for payments and processing of credit/debit cards, ACH, PayPal, Venmo, and many other payment methods.   

“We’re pleased that through our partnership with Kill Bill, Wovenware is able to help connect Kill Bill’s payments platform to some of the world’s leading payments providers, such as Adyen,” said Wovenware CEO and co-founder Christian Gonzalez.     

“Leveraging the plugin that Wovenware created to integrate Kill Bill with Adyen, Kill Bill users now have access to one of the world’s largest end-to-end payments solutions,” said Kill Bill co-founder Pierre Meyer. “Wovenware’s deep expertise and success in expanding the reach of the Kill Bill platform to new users reaffirms our decision in making the company our plugin partner of choice.”

As open-source software, the Kill Bill platform is unique in an industry filled with proprietary SaaS billing offerings. The Kill Bill code is free, and its architecture is highly modularized, which gives users the freedom to customize it to their own business needs. Kill Bill users can implement the plugin to provide more payment solutions to their customers. Organizations with limited IT resources can work with Wovenware for turnkey customization.

Wovenware Helps Develop Plugin for Ayden Payments

Kill Bill Wovenware Partnership

In 2021, Kill Bill and Wovenware announced a partnership to streamline the development of new plugins for the Kill Bill open-source platform. The partnership enables companies to optimize the capabilities of the Kill Bill platform to better meet their customers’ payment needs.

In addition to the Adyen plugin, Wovenware also created a plugin to the Braintree payments platform, which is accessible at      

About Kill Bill

Kill Bill is the leading open-source billing and payment platform, helping online businesses avoid vendor lock-in with SaaS billing providers. Online businesses often place the heart of their business – its revenue – into the hands of third-party billing vendors, chaining themselves to their features and functionality and slowing their growth. Highly scalable and extensible, Kill Bill enables any type of online business, including SaaS and ecommerce, to optimize Kill Bill for their one-time or recurring billing needs. Organizations around the globe, from startups to public companies, trust Kill Bill to invoice billions every year. Connect with Kill Bill on LinkedIn and Twitter

About Wovenware

As a design-driven firm, Wovenware delivers customized AI, computer vision and other digital transformation solutions that create measurable value for customers. Through its nearshore capabilities, the company has become the partner of choice for organizations needing to re-engineer their systems and processes to increase profitability, boost user experience and seize new market opportunities. Wovenware leverages a multidisciplinary team of world-class experienced designers, software engineers, data scientists and data specialists to create solutions for cloud transformation, advanced AI innovation and application modernization. Headquartered in Puerto Rico, Wovenware partners with customers across North America and around the world.

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Wovenware Open-Source Plugin to Ayden Payments Gateway

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