Top AI Startups in Puerto Rico in 2022

March 16, 2022

Puerto Rico is home to beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. It is also home to a booming ecosystem consisting of startup companies. We have an array of industries that are having an impact on the economic ecosystem of the island. They are also supporting other businesses by creating more job opportunities. This means potential growth for the island as a whole.

Among those industries, are the businesses focused on integrating AI into their projects. Entrepreneurs on the island have taken advantage of the available opportunities and are helping our economy flow.

 Here are some companies that you should have on your radar:

  1. Abacrop

This veteran-owned business created a solution to help farmers maximize their efforts and growth. In their words, “by optimizing our data capture we improve our time management all while adding Business Intelligence to our farming operations”. A solution, created with the intent of increasing production and expansion capabilities, has managed to minimize high risk in quality control and improve the farming experience.

  1. TagShelf

This is a computer software startup that focuses on document organization. It created Alfred- a virtual clerk with the ability to automate document-driven processes. The algorithm has the ability to access existing documents, categorize, and validate information without the need for human interaction. 

  1. TextualMind

This startup corporation focuses on helping FDA- regulated companies realize high levels of compliance and a significant reduction in product quality issues. They are revolutionizing compliance in the life sciences industry. They achieve this by combining their machine learning technology with a key element; tell-tale signals are left in the written procedures and document trail created by the company’s business processes. Their intelligent software agents being developed are capable of detecting these signals, allowing companies to target and solve issues accordingly and effectively.  By solving these issues in a timely manner, the AI agents are preventing changes in product quality. 

AI for Digital Transformation

We are proud to be part of companies promoting a booming ecosystem and supporting a community of entrepreneurs. AI is the future and Wovenware offers services aligned with that path. In the words of our COO, Carlos Meléndez, “Our best services are delivered on the AI front, creating custom and predictive analytics algorithms, specifically in computer vision,  AI, and complex software development for enterprise projects, most often in regulated industries”. 

Wovenware, as an AI and software development consultancy, believes that we can accomplish more when we have a machine and human workforce working together. We currently have a team made up of multitalented experts: over 140+ software engineers, data scientists, and design experts- all committed to continued growth and the creation of innovative solutions.

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