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The unique benefits of outsourcing in PR

Nearshore, the act of outsourcing your manufacturing or services to neighboring countries, becomes more appealing when it involves your nearshore software development projects in Puerto Rico. Nearshore software development services in Puerto Rico has exclusive perks that will benefit your nearshore projects. Learn about them here.

The advantages of nearshoring include:

  • Big savings. For a few decades, outsourcing has been appealing to large companies seeking to better cut costs and continue to grow their business.
  • Better Collaboration. The advantage of partnering with a nearshore software development company in similar time zones is better communication with them. Working similar hours means real-time communication across teams. Any concern that arises could be addressed and resolved promptly. 
  • Steady Growth. Nearshore IT outsourcing allows you to quickly expand your team with skilled professionals that are equipped in a diversity of topics. It is difficult to have an in-house team equipped for everything and this team expansion solves that. 

Advantages of Nearshoring in Puerto Rico

Nearshoring in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the popular countries available for nearshore outsourcing. It is an attractive solution for companies all over the United States. Besides having a big pool of a diverse group of skilled professionals and a fitting geographical location, our unique competitive advantage is that we are part of the United States. We are all US citizens. Here is what that means: 

  • U.S. Laws. When working with a provider of nearshore IT services based in Puerto Rico, the same familiar intellectual property protections and federal laws apply to them.
  • Education. Our software developers, analysts, testers, and others, are all trained and educated following the same standards and best practices required in the U.S. .
  • Quality. The same standards and best practices used in the U.S., apply to any project assigned to a nearshore staff. 
  • Distance. Our location, which does not observe Daylight Saving Time and is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone all year round, makes quick visits possible. This helps to strengthen professional relationships between your company and your nearshore provider.
  • Language & Culture. English and Spanish are both official languages in Puerto Rico. This guarantees you a team of bilingual engineers. Additionally, as part of the U.S., our island shares a similar culture and is familiar with the same business practices as American companies. 
  • Price. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., but it still offers very competitive prices compared to those on the mainland. This is an advantage for short-term project costs or hiring processes. 
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Puerto Rico has a vibrant community dedicated to startup programs and partnerships between academia, government, and private industry that help promote innovation and job creation. 

Interested in partnering with a nearshore provider located in Puerto Rico? Consider your company’s path towards digital transformation and analyze the possible gaps that can be closed with the right nearshore provider. Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, convenient location, and diverse pool of bilingual engineers are excellent advantages to have for your software development projects. 

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Advantages of Nearshoring in Puerto Rico

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