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In a recent Caribbean Business article, Efrén Rodríguez Martínez, wrote about our Puerto Rican based company- a digital consultancy with real experience in service design, software engineering, and emerging technologies. He shared our current journey; our evolution through international markets and how Wovenware accelerates companies digital change for companies based in US.

How have we achieved this? We dedicate ourselves to developing tailor-made Cloud and AI solutions that solve real-world problems with our talented team using their multidisciplinary experiences in the field. 

We currently have 19 years of experience under our belt. More than 50 clients around the world, including, but not limited to: Japan, Denmark, Spain, United States, and Puerto Rico; with an ever growing team of over 150+ employees, and two stateside subsidiaries. We keep bringing digital change to companies by providing our valued services.

Through the years, we have lived through multiple transformative events that led us to become the digital transformation company that we are today. The key to expanding outside of Puerto Rico was GVA– the Guayacán Venture Accelerator. GVA helped us focus on our message, our services, and who our audience was. An investor once told us, “you live on an island, you have an island-market mentality; you have to change that, you have to redefine what your market is”. 

That was the first time Christian and I sat down to discuss finding someone that would make us understand what we didn’t know.  This led to the search for the right adviser. The right adviser(who is still our adviser today) ended up being an excellent person from India, past CEO of a public services company in Silicon Valley. His advice continues to help us understand those things we do not know, or prepares us for what’s coming. 

Wovenware Accelerates Companies' Digital Change

After 2012, we really expanded our presence and work in the U.S. market, but our goal is to continue to expand across the globe and seek out those clients that are on the same path as us. Some of the clients that we have in Japan are global companies. A step in the right direction. We have multiple clients that we are actively working with in the United States and it is our intention to continue to support them in their deployments around the world. 

Another defining moment for us was when we started to work with AI. We make custom-made algorithms for specific client programs and this means plenty of research, communication, and collaboration with other companies and AI professionals to achieve what we do.

When we started expanding outside of Puerto Rico and we started reading about other companies in India and Latin America, we had to ask ourselves who was doing that in Puerto Rico. Who was setting up a company to sell to the U.S. market? 

We can discuss the definition of digital transformation, but this pandemic accelerated the digital business by at least 10 years, and it is important to highlight that. Those that did not take the digital part seriously, are now currently stuck.

The pandemic brought what is now known as a digital-first world. If I am going to make a product or service, I have to think digital-first. A person creating a small store with the intention of selling directly to consumers or a person that wishes to go through sales channels will now have to think about the digital infrastructure that was invisible to them before. The questions everybody should be considering, moving forward, will be: How do I build my digital presence? How do I differentiate myself? How do I do the entire fulfillment part digitally?

Wovenware Accelerates Companies' Digital Change

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