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Wovenware Helps Lead the Charge for Artificial Intelligence-driven COVID-19 Test Kit

Wovenware has been chosen by CDI Labs to create the technology for a next-generation COVID-19 test kit rapid antigen self-testing kit

Data Science Joins Medical Science

There have been many heroes in the race to help wipe out COVID-19. From world-renowned scientists to first responders, committed professionals have joined forces to create cures, treatments and aid to people impacted by the pandemic.

Yet technology innovation also has played a role, with data scientists and software engineers working alongside medical and biopharma scientists to create the tools that bring medical innovation to life.

Wovenware was privileged to have recently partnered with CDI Labs, a Puerto Rico-based global biotechnology firm, to develop a mobile app and integrate AI into a COVID-19 rapid antigen single-use, self-testing kit. The development of a mobile app where people taking COVID-19 home tests can follow step-by-step instructions, and get almost immediate official diagnosis through an AI model, is a major breakthrough in both science and technology.

We’re proud that all of our critical capabilities, comprising the four pillars of digital transformation, were on display in the development of the solution. From strategy & design and software development to AI and cloud computing we collaborated among our disciplines and with CDI Labs every step of the way. Here’s how we did it:

  • Design experience: We approached the task leveraging our design experience professionals in answering the question: how do we help people of diverse ages and backgrounds administer a COVID-19 Test Kit, comfortably and confidently that they are doing it right? From a human-centric approach, we designed the cadence of step-by-step instructions and visuals, validating and observing real people, iterating until we got it right.
  • Software development: We built a mobile app to intuitively guide users through the process of administering the test but also to provide mobile proof of testing to report to local, state and federal authorities. In addition, HIPPA compliance and security best practices were baked into the solution.
  • AI: Innovating an advanced AI model, we built intelligence, which will be integrated into the second generation of the mobile app, to ultimately provide an independent diagnosis in near real-time with extreme accuracy.
  • Cloud: Leveraging our cloud partnerships and expertise, we designed the mobile app to be cloud-native from the start. It is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure and architected to scale in the U.S. and other countries in need of low-cost testing.

Building a Deep Bench of Life Sciences Expertise

Our work with CDI Labs and its innovative test kit may be the most trending and timely of applications, but it’s not the only one where our full-service AI and software engineering expertise has been applied in life sciences and healthcare markets. For example, Wovenware has built a machine learning solution to help a major medical device manufacturer identify items that could be defective in the assembly line – before they could impact patients. We’ve also implemented a cloud-based workflow and transactional system for an online pharmaceutical delivery firm; and we’re working on an AI-driven mobile app for visiting health professionals, helping them better diagnose and treat patients at home, as well as track the recovery process.

At Wovenware we firmly believe that in order to deliver the right technology solution to customers, we need to dive deep into their industries and understand their challenges, goals and what is needed for them to delight their own customers. We’ve done this in life sciences, as well as other regulated industries and we’ll never stop learning and staying on top of these industries, their changing regulations and trends.

AI and digital transformation have the power to help transform markets, augment human work and solve global challenges. We’re proud of our contributions to CDI Labs’ COVID-19 test kit and we look forward to the impact it will have on helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 and helping people get on with their lives. It goes to show that when medical science and data science join forces, great things can happen.

Wovenware Helps Lead the Charge for Artificial Intelligence-driven COVID-19 Test Kit

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