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Manuel Cidre Visits Wovenware’s San Juan Offices

This past week, we had the pleasure of hosting Manuel Cidre “Manolo”, Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development, along with members of his staff. The visit also included: Enrique Völckers, Chief Innovation & Information Officer for the Government of Puerto Rico.

We got to showcase the exciting work we’re doing, share our strategic expansion plans, and explain how our services are benefitting other companies. Our staff was able to engage in lively conversation with them about our role in Puerto Rico’s business ecosystem. They thanked us for the innovations our team is engineering from Wovenware in Puerto Rico. 

During the visit, we were able to share with him the core values of Wovenware, such as: openness, respect, appreciation, and communication. Manuel Cidre was able to tour our office space and see firsthand how these values are manifested in our office set-up, which is designed to create a sense of community by eliminating cubicles and inviting creativity and connection with others. When we have such a community, we have a support system that allows for a better workflow.

Manuel Cidre: Special Guests in Wovenware

As we explained, our employees are also motivated and encouraged to invest in themselves, specifically in education, since it contains building blocks for a better future. Mr. Cidre agreed with us and emphasized how Wovenware has the tools for shaping a better future.

It also was fascinating to hear about his early experiences in business. His brother and he founded a bakery back in the day. Yet, with the passing of time, he wondered how to better improve the business and better serve their clients, so he decided to give away the remaining goods at the end of the day. He added a little bell by the entrance door, and he created a rapport with the customers. He invested time and care into the business. By doing this, he helped build the enterprise that is well known today as Los Cidrines.

Manuel Cidre has a rich history with Puerto Rico and his passion for improving the island was quite evident. We were honored that he took the time to visit with Wovenware and we’re committed to continuing to play a role in the business growth opportunities that our digital transformation consultancy, from our base here in Puerto Rico, has to offer.

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Manuel Cidre: Special Guests in Wovenware

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