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Amplify Views: Carlos Meléndez on The Great Turnover

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It’s clear that “The Great Resignation,” and massive workforce turnover is a major issue impacting companies everywhere. Articles like: The Next-Generation of Data Scientists Requires a New Approach and The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Finally Getting Companies to Take Burnout Seriously, are dominating the news. The main reason for this workforce challenge is COVID-19, but it’s not the only one. Employees today feel more empowered and are looking for more than just a paycheck, which is a good thing, but puts employee in a tough position of needing to fill critical positions against a shrinking talent pool. We took fifteen minutes to address the subject with Wovenware’s CEO, Carlos Meléndez. Continue reading to learn how the great turnover is impacting companies everywhere, and what we can do to make it better: 

Many companies are facing staff turnover and it’s making it difficult to deploy critical IT projects. Are you seeing this with your customers?

Carlos Meléndez: Yes. I’ve heard from many customers and prospects that while they understand how critical it is to deploy their digital transformation projects for productivity, competitive advantage and business growth, they simply don’t have the IT staff to do it.

What do you think is causing this turnover?

CM: Part of the problem is clearly COVID-19, which has stretched IT staff to the limit, as they work to keep technology moving along seamlessly in remote-work models. But, I also think the tech talent shortage, which has been going on for a while, is also a key factor. Technology has been moving so fast that we simply don’t have enough of the software engineers and data scientists experienced with it. It’s not only a question of retaining good staff, but having the ability to hire new talent to fill in the gaps.

What are a few things we can implement to solve this problem?

CM: Once you have a team of experienced IT professionals you don’t want to let them go. While a good salary can go a long way, there are other ways to boost the employee experience. This includes offering better work/life balance and reward systems, encouraging employee input, or using the data in HR or other systems to identify workers who may be on the edge, due to too many work hours. These are just some measures that can help you keep valued staff, but let’s face it, the Great Resignation is still in full swing. Partnering with a nearshore services company like Wovenware can help you develop a new operating model to jumpstart digital transformation efforts seamlessly.

While companies in the U.S. struggle to retain in-house expertise, Wovenware, as a nearshore company, can make sure you don’t jeopardize critical digital transformation projects because of a lack of staff.

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Amplify Views: Carlos Meléndez on The Great Turnover

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