Wovenware Heads Back to School to Ignite Interest in All Things Tech

April 28, 2021

Wovenware Heads Back to School to Ignite Interest in All Things Tech

Several of my colleagues and I recently had the unique opportunity to teach a introductory course on web design and software development principles for honors students at Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico (locally known as Sagrado Corazon). The interesting thing was that many of the students were not computer science majors, but came from a variety of studies, such as marketing, visual arts and other liberal arts programs.

The fact that non-tech focused students were able to not only do really well in the course, but
they found great satisfaction and inspiration from it, was very encouraging for the future of tech talent.

As I mentioned in an article that El Nuevo Dia did on our work with the Universidad de Sagrado Corazon, the sad fact of the matter is that there’s a major shortage of technology and programming talent not only in Puerto Rico, but across the world. Here in Puerto Rico, it’s estimated that there are more than 500 positions available today.

To help ignite interest in programming across the student body, Sacred Heart University and Wovenware came together in March 2021 to offer an intensive five-week course, taught virtually by our lead software engineers and programmers. The course covered topics such as internet history, security, data ethics, introduction to HTML, CSS and how to create a flow chart to solve different logic challenges.

Regardless of the career the students choose to pursue, all students agreed that the course was beneficial, since technology and data are part of everything today. And, for those pursuing technology fields, those firms still need marketing professionals, writers and those with other liberal arts backgrounds to be successful.

We at Wovenware were honored to teach the students of Sagrado Corazon and their enthusiasm was contagious. Judging by this group of students who will become the next generation of professionals, the future is looking quite bright.

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