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Wovenware Gives Back to the Community Through Donations

Wovenware Gives Back to the Community Through Donations

Wovenware visits San Jorge’s Children Hospital

At Wovenware Gives Back to the community initiatives it is important for us to help and support to our community, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. In support of that goal, during the past few months we have visited San Jorge Children’s Hospital, specifically the intensive care and pediatric-oncology wards; and Casa Manuel Fernández Juncos.

Why these wards in particular at San Jorge Children’s Hospital? It is hard to see someone fighting cancer and it is even worse to see a kid dealing with it. We are putting all our efforts into doing all that we can to help children across our beautiful island understand that they are not alone as they fight cancer. We shared with the pediatric patients, gave them some gifts based in the average ages. For children between 1-8 years we had plastic dolls, coloring books, crayons, and elastic toys. For children older than 9 years old, we had playing cards, coloring books, and elastic toys as well. For every child we had balloons, because as we all know, the kids love them.

Our main goal as we visited the children’s wards was to give, not only the children, but those that care for them, a chance to smile, to think about positive things and to forget their situation – even for a moment.

Wovenware @ San Jorge Children's Hospital

I planned the Wovenware community service programs, along with Kimberly Piñero, who helps me with these activities and who is part of the Digitizers Team. I realized once again that it is not only monetary help that is so desperately needed, but it is also time and fellowship.  Being there for these kids and seeing their faces light up with laughter is what makes it all worthwhile.

This realization also was felt as we visited Casa de Niños Manuel Fernández Juncos, a non-profit corporation that provides reeducation and treatment services to the problems associated with the abuse, abandonment and neglect of children, adolescents, and young people in our Island.  We collected first necessity goods such as: bottle waters, cookies, toilet paper, toothbrush, rice, baby wipes, toys, cleaning products, canned food, and juices.

Wovenware @ Hogar Manuel Fdz Juncos

We are proud of our employees’ commitment to serving our community and the time they dedicate to our CSR initiatives. We are committed to continuing to make a difference in children’s lives, raising much-needed funds, giving our time and talents, and supporting education across Puerto Rico to make a brighter future for our children.

Wovenware Gives Back To Our Community | Wovenware Blog

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