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When we closed the office back in March and went to a fully remote workplace because of a government imposed lockdown we established a daily 8:30 a.m. management meeting. The idea of the meeting was to make sure the executives and middle management teams were in sync and that problems and issues could be promptly identified and resolved quickly. Early on it was decided that Friday meetings would be different. Instead of talking about work, we would talk about us as individuals. Each Friday, a different pair of members from the team runs the meeting.

Wovenware Management Team
Wovenware Management Team

Although the office is now open, we have kept these daily meetings as they have proven to be valuable to our operations, and Friday meetings have become something we look forward to. They ensure that we forge deeper connection with one another and maintain the humanity in our business.

Today the meeting was led by our human resource department and the team really went above and beyond. As a surprise to all of us, they got each manager’s family members to record videos of appreciation. They were beautiful and often emotional.

This kind of intangible yet rewarding gift reinforces what we’ve come to achieve at Wovenware – a successful organization made up of empathetic humans who are creating meaningful solutions for other humans. We treat our people as the creative and talented individuals that they are and work to nurture their skills. We understand that though these times are hard we are strengthened by family, friends and coworkers.

This kind of unexpected surprise of appreciation serves as a reminder that business is not only about numbers to reach and milestones to meet, but humanity in all of its simplicity. By keeping humanity at the core of all we do, we’re able to build a better business, but more importantly, a better world.

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