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Businesses Today Must Reinvent Themselves to Embrace a Digital-First

Digital First World

The term “BYOD” is taking on a whole meaning today, thanks to COVID-19. Mobile devices, mobile apps and the internet will be as necessary as face masks, when dining out, shopping, visiting a hair salon or visiting a doctor. Many businesses, however, may have been caught off-guard and now must put their digital transformation initiatives into over-drive in order to conduct business and embrace a digital-first mentality. As I recently shared in a Forbes Technology Council post, below are some every-day activities that are becoming digitally-driven:

Restaurant seating. With dine-in service there is limited seating. Diners are often required to make reservations, text the restaurant when they arrive and wait for a reply text when their table is available. Menus have become electronic, and payment often must be made by cards only.

Doctor visits. A standard protocol is that patients wait in their cars before being texted when it’s okay to enter the office; and any paperwork that needs to be completed must be done in advance, electronically.

Healthcare monitoring. Telehealth is becoming the first line of defense in healthcare. Wearable IoT devices, smart watches and other devices are increasingly tracking vital statistics, alerting doctors to changes in health and providing alerts and reminders to patients.

Retail shopping. While online shopping has already overtaken brick & mortar in retail sales, the pandemic could represent the end of the road for many in-store retailers. One hurdle, however, that online retailers have yet to overcome, is window shopping. Many retailers will turn to virtual reality and augmented reality to boost the customer experience.

While digital-first has become the new watchword, it can be difficult for companies to know where to start. Partnering with a nearshore provider that understands your industry can be a good place to jumpstart your digital transformation journey and arm you with the tech tools and expertise needed to keep business moving forward.

There are many unknowns as we move forward, but there’s no doubt that digital will drive the new landscape.

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