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The Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Major digital transformation projects require a serious commitment from companies, in terms of time, resources and cost. It’s no easy task to deploy digital solutions to basically change the way you work. For this reason, companies striving for digital transformation agility aren’t going at it alone.  As I wrote about in a recent Forbes Tech Council blog post, many are turning to external digital transformation service providers – more specifically, nearshorers, to handle their critical projects.

The proximity of nearshorers, which provide software and artificial intelligence services closer to home, make them ideal to improve agility in digital transformation projects for many reasons, but below are a few of them:

  • Easier collaboration. Digital transformation works to solve very specific business challenges and requires in-person collaboration between nearshorers and their clients.  This is made easier because of closer proximity, easy travel and similar cultures.

  • Data privacy. Today there are strict data privacy rules which vary country by country and can pose challenges when sharing data and information with your service provider outside of your country.

  • Good data scientists are tough to find.  There’s a well-known talent shortage when it comes to data scientists and tech experts, so it’s difficult to build this expertise in-house. Even if you could, it’s often not always wise to build this type of specialized expertise internally when you can leverage the infrastructure already established by nearshorers.

What Should You Look For in a Nearshore Outsourcer?

Making sure you select a nearshorer that is fit for your digital transformation project is critical to its success, so you should select wisely.  Many firms are turning to Puerto Rico as a key nearshore destination because it provides the best of both worlds: costs that are cheaper than mainland states, only slightly higher than offshoring, and with expertise on or above par with both.

Digital transformation will only increase as COVID-19 exposes the critical role of technology. Nearshoring can give you a long-term partner to meet your goals, providing cost-effective infrastructure, resources and expertise, closer to home.

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Digital Transformation with Nearshore Outsourcing

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