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An Innovation Sprint is a Good Way To Find Out if AI Is a Right Fit?

In an article I recently wrote for EnterpriseAI, I addressed how companies can begin to dip their toes in AI before making a long-term commitment, in terms of the time, resources and expense that these projects typically require. An effective method for doing that is an AI “sprint.” These short-term AI projects allow companies to establish a proof-of-concept and determine if AI is the right approach to solving their business problems.

Based on a concept developed originally by Google Ventures, the sprint condenses the design, prototyping and idea testing, and can serve as the basis of longer-term development if it’s determined that AI is the way to go.

In the article I discuss the five key steps of a sprint that can help companies join the ranks of some of the most forward-thinking market leaders that are turning to AI for competitive advantage. It’s a quick, effective and relatively inexpensive way to get on the path to AI innovation.

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