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The New Jobs in Hot Demand Thanks to Artifical Intelligence

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Next Generation of AI Leaders

I recently wrote an article for the Forbes Technology Council that described some of the new jobs that did not exist even a few years ago, but thanks to AI, are in growing demand.Against mounting stories on AI being the next big job killer, I was hoping to shed a hopeful light on the fact that, while it may be replacing repetitive tasks, it’s also opening up new opportunities.

As described in the Forbes article, some of these new-generation jobs, include project managers, data specialists, data scientists and AI ethicists. Yet, while there is a growing need for these positions, there is also a shortage of qualified talent. The key to filling the pipeline begins with education at the earliest levels. Just as the millennial generation that grew up with software became the technology leaders of today, so too will our young students become the next generation of AI leaders.

While many in the industry are talking about filling the shortage by retooling existing workers, this can prove to be a more difficult challenge. AI requires a blend of technical understanding along with business insights and soft skills that can be difficult to blend. It’s not easy to teach people how to be insightful, understand human behaviors and solve complex business problems and then transfer that to algorithms, while also learning complex coding. It is important, however to give displaced workers a chance to succeed through training and advanced education.

AI is creating whole new employment opportunities and the sky is the limit for those seeking a career in it. It also requires a serious commitment to continuous learning, problem solving and using AI to enrich, not replace human thinking.

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The New AI Jobs in Hot Demand | Wovenware Blog

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