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Annual Wovenware Outing: Day at Beach

On October 11 we held our annual Wovenware employee outing at the beautiful Condado Lagoon in San Juan, where VIP Adventures Puerto Rico showed us what it takes to rely on the whole team to reach goals – whether that be completing a relay race by walking on planks, or playing problem-solving games on the shoreline.

What is amazing is that since we started holding these team-building outings for employees 12 years ago, Wovenware numbered only a few dozen employees – at best. This year’s event included all of our employees numbering in the hundreds. The growth and sheer size of our company makes it more important than ever to reinforce the core values upon which our company was built – Passion, Professionalism, Openness, Quality, Value, Fun, and Discipline.

At Condado Lagoon our day started early and we were split up into groups to compete against each other in a number of core activities, such as building structures out of a handful of materials, to solving problems as a team. Make no mistake, the day also included kayaking, paddle-boarding and other water sports, as well as eating and relaxing on the beach.

But more than just getting to know each other and proving our ability to compete, team-building outings such as this one help to bring our core values and mission to life. Wovenware is committed to becoming a world-class leader in artificial intelligence and nearshore software development. Meeting this goal requires building a team of problem solvers who are equally as committed to helping our customers explore all angles to meet their key business goals. It also requires a team of experts who can each bring their unique skill-sets to the table.

While this is our only outdoor outing, we try to hold other team-building events for our employees throughout the year, such as regular game nights, programmer’s day, movie nights, social responsibilities activities and “ice-breakers,” that provide a chance for employees to get to know each other. Bringing employees together like this gives them a chance to meet, since their specific jobs may never give them the chance to speak to each other.

We’re already planning for next year’s outing and I’m sure there are team members today honing their paddle-boarding or problem-solving skills to emerge as a winner at next year’s event. What they may not know is that they are already winners. By working together every day in teams, keeping Wovenware’s core mission at the front and center of their activities and relying on their team mates to complement each other, they’re contributing significantly to the success of Wovenware.

Condado Lagoon was the perfect place and Wovenware staff were the perfect participants to show that when nature, passion, enthusiasm and fellowship come together, all things are possible.

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