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We were thrilled last month to make the move into our new corporate offices on Calle Los Angeles in San Juan. It was clear at the beginning of the year that we were bursting at the seams and needed to look for a bigger home to accommodate our expanding staff. The new space — a 13,000 square-foot facility – is triple the size of our former headquarters.

Wovenware Office Photos
Wovenware Office Photos

But it’s much more than just extra space. We wanted to foster an environment for collaboration, inspiration and a great employee experience, and we did just that. The new location features common areas, standing desks, a vertical garden, and even a massage room, among many other things. And, since we lease the space in the central offices of San Juan’s Department of Recreation and Sports, another big perk is our easy access to sporting fields, basketball courts, a gym and walking areas.

As our CEO, Christian Gonzalez points out in a recent article about the move in El Nuevo Día, “it’s like a campus, but in the middle of the city.” Some employees are even calling it Wovenplex, referring to Google’s corporate headquarters known as Googleplex.

While we’re proud of our new corporate home, we’re prouder of what it represents. It really is a sign of our growth and success over the past few years, despite obstacles such as devastating hurricanes and other challenges in Puerto Rico. It demonstrates that there is a growing need for the types of AI and software development services we offer, as well as the growing awareness that nearshoring these services to companies like ours can provide incredible value for organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

A lot has been written about the devastating impact that Hurricane Maria and the recent economic instability have had on Puerto Rican businesses, the reality is that some industry segments, like software development and manufacturing, are thriving because of our location, not in spite of it – we know that’s the case with Wovenware.

Thanks to our new headquarters, our staff has the space to collaborate, explore and envision new ways to help our customers succeed. A comfortable workplace can help to foster that, but we recognize that our real treasure comes from the people under its roof.

Moving On Up with New Corporate Headquarters

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