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The Telecom Industry Gets By with a Little Help from Its AI Friends

AI in Telecommunications

In an article I recently shared with Telecommunications magazine, I discussed how things like IoT, mobile and live streaming services are fast becoming a way of life for people everywhere. Today’s consumers and businesses are demanding great experiences from their telecom providers simply because they can. They know that there are many options available to them and they’ll go with the ones that provide the most content, the best seamless experience and fastest service. But, such disruptive innovation doesn’t come without challenges for telecommunications providers.

As we transition to 5G, content continues to be king amidst a barrage of new program options and the availability of lightning fast service. And, as consumers become more informed and demanding of great Internet service, telecom providers are turning to AI to help them meet expectations.

As the article states, things like predictive analytics, machine-and deep learning and chatbots are stepping up to the plate to improve service offerings, better meet demand, improve network quality and interact with customers on a more personal level.

The telecommunications industry is indeed going through enormous transition as it works to keep pace in a competitive marketplace for streaming services, lightning-fast connections and always-on service quality. Thanks to AI, they’re meeting the need head-on, armed with the insights to take on whatever comes next in voice, data or video.

Telecom Industry and AI Collaboration

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