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Wovenware Included in Landscape Overview of Computer Vision Providers by Independent Research Firm

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We are thrilled to announce that Wovenware has been recognized as a prominent player in the computer vision industry. In this blog post, we delve into an independent research firm’s landscape overview and explore how our cutting-edge solutions and expertise have positioned us at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. Discover why Wovenware is the go-to partner for businesses seeking innovative computer vision solutions to drive growth and unlock new possibilities.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Aug. 26, 2019 -Wovenware, a U.S. nearshore provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software development services and solutions, today announced that it has been included in a report from leading global research and advisory firm, Forrester Research, Inc.  The report, New Tech: Enterprise Computer Vision Solutions, Q3 2019, Forrester Research Inc., August 9, 2019 (access requires subscription or payment) provides a landscape overview of 33 providers of computer vision solutions and services. Wovenware was included as an Early Stage provider of computer vision professional services.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Forrester as one of today’s Early Stage computer vision providers, and we remain committed to providing advanced computer vision solutions, private crowd and data labelling services, and the ongoing data training to help customers derive actionable insights from their solutions,” said Carlos Meléndez, COO, Wovenware.

The report was developed by Forrester to help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals understand the landscape of computer vision vendors and identify the right ones to help them realize their computer vision goals. The firm divided the 33 computer vision software vendors it examined into four market segments: computer vision platforms, professional services firms, specialty solutions, and annotation solutions. It also categorized them according to Late-Stage, Growth Stage and Early Stage status. Wovenware was listed as an Early Stage, Professional Services provider. The Forrester report also reported the state of the computer vision marketplace, key trends driving its growth and considerations for companies looking to adopt it.

“Custom computer vision solutions provide the deep-dive analysis that comes from understanding and honing in on unique business needs and specific customer behaviors. They require a deep understanding of those customer behaviors and challenges, as well as experience into what resonates in certain markets, and how to transfer that knowledge to machines,” added Meléndez. “Computer vision is gaining major traction in a variety of industries helping to identify vulnerabilities to safety, anomalies in medical images and to improve customer experience. Yet, companies need to take a strategic approach to its implementation, mapping out the most direct and efficient route to making the promise of computer vision a reality.”

In addition to this report, Wovenware also was cited in a June 14 research report from Forrester, entitled, All Enterprises Need (Computer) Vision, (access requires subscription or payment). In the report, Forrester describes the four most established use cases for computer vision, while also sharing the key questions to ask when planning your computer vision strategy.

About Wovenware

Wovenware delivers customized, smart applications that create measurable value for customers. Through its nearshore capabilities, the company has become the partner of choice for organizations needing to re-engineer their systems and processes to increase profitability, realize efficiencies and seize new market opportunities. Wovenware’s team of expert software engineers and data scientists understand the unique business needs of customers to leverage complex technologies, such as AI, chatbots and cloud-based solutions, and it works closely with them to develop and manage solutions that align with their business goals. Headquartered in Puerto Rico, Wovenware works with customers across North America and around the world.

Wovenware included in Computer Vision Landscape

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