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After Hurricane Maria, Wovenware Offers Community Support

TECHO Puerto Rico: Putting Families Back in Homes

It’s hard to believe that it’s hurricane season once again in the Caribbean. Hopefully, it’s a mild one this year and Puerto Rico will have time to continue the hard work of recovery from last year’s devastation.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment here at Wovenware, we’re doing our part to assist with these recovery efforts, as well as in support of those with disabilities. Two key initiatives we’re supporting include local community outreach programs, TECHO Puerto Rico; and SER de Puerto Rico.

TECHO Wovenware Community Support
TECHO Building – Wovenware Community Support

Since the aftermath of Hurricane Maria continues to wreak havoc on poverty-stricken families whose homes were destroyed, TECHO Puerto Rico is working to build modular homes for families without shelter. This is a cause that speaks directly to the hearts of our employees, and in June a group of them picked up hammers, shovels and work clothes to give a hand to these efforts. We’ll continue to lend our support in this urgent program and give families the shelter they so urgently need. We may be techies at heart but we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get the job done when it comes to supporting those in need!

After Hurricane Maria, Wovenware Offers Community Support

SER de Puerto Rico: Leveling the Playing Field for Those with Disabilities

Teleton Ser Puerto Rico Wovenware
Teleton Ser Puerto Rico – Wovenware Office

As a technology company, Wovenware recognizes the need for people with disabilities and autism to be able to leverage technological advances to help them level the playing field. To support the valuable work of SER de Puerto Rico in providing exceptional medical, therapeutic and educational services to these members of our community, we’re working to help raise much-needed financial support so that SER de Puerto Rico can continue to provide them with the opportunity to live, learn, work and recreate in their communities to the maximum of their potential. On Friday, June 22, we participated in Embeleco Day, which served as a precursor to the Telethon Puerto Rico on June 24, in which many valuable funds were raised.

We’re proud of our employees and the time and contributions they are making to give back to our community. Helping to build homes for those in need; and raising funds for those with disabilities reflect an essential part of our organizational culture and four key company values of passion, professionalism, discipline and fun.

We look forward to continuing to support our community in its need, helping to improve people’s lives, while fostering shared commitment and goals among our employees. While it’s been more than nine months since Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria struck the island, there is still much to be done and we want to be part of our Island’s long-term recovery. We strongly believe that only by giving back can we truly be successful in our work to help companies move forward through technology and innovation.

Wovenware Offers Support After Hurricane | Wovenware Blog

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