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Top Technology Innovations of Last Three Years: Predictive Analytics is High on the List


Forbes Technology Council members were recently asked what they consider to be the top technology innovations of the past three years. This was a great question that got me thinking. Technology has been moving at the speed of sound, and there have been so many innovations that come to mind. Yet, perhaps the biggest one yet is predictive analytics using AI-based deep learning.

As I say in the Forbes article, the ability of a computer to learn by just analyzing data without having to let the algorithm know what variables are important is unprecedented. This form of unsupervised learning is drastically changing the role of technology.

My Forbes Technology Council peers had some great responses as well, such as augmented reality; inexpensive, fast storage; real-time language translation; chatbots; brain-computer interfaces; and the cloud.

There’s been a whole lot of innovation in the tech space – from all of those mentioned in the article, and more that are evolving almost daily. Tech innovation is alive and well and changing the way we live, work, interact and evolve. It will be great to see what the next three years has in store.

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