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In a recent Forbes column, I, along with other Technology Council members, was asked to share my thoughts on what tech leaders want non-tech professionals to know.

My response was that technology innovation is not just in Silicon Valley, but is happening everywhere, only requiring bright and forward-thinking innovators, talented technologists and a desire to solve business problems.

There were some really great responses to the question from other members, such as “technology leaders aren’t necessarily technologists;” “technology is not magic, but takes lots of hard work;” or “technology is an art and a science.” A common thread here is that just as tech professionals aren’t confined to specific regions, they’re also not confined to specific offices in the enterprise. The notion of technology professionals geeking out in a data center or programming code is no longer the norm. Today’s technology professional is taking an active role in the C-suite at most corporations, and must be as adept in business strategy, marketing and customer experience and helping companies contribute to bottom-line growth. Technology is now the centerpiece of most company’s business strategy and tech professionals are gaining a lot more exposure because of it – across the enterprise and around the world.

Check out the article and let me know what else non-tech professionals should know about the technology profession.

Tech Innovation Isn't Just In Silicon Valley | Wovenware

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