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As a newly minted member of the Forbes Technology Council, I recently wrote an article discussing what we can learn about AI from a Burger King Whopper.

You may have seen the commercial: a food attendant looks into the camera and says, “Okay Google, what’s the Whopper burger?” prompting Google Home devices everywhere within earshot to cite the Wikipedia entry. Some call it advertising at its best and others are not so happy with its intrusiveness. But, call it what you may, it’s a perfect example of AI in action.

The article uses the Whopper ad as an example of how AI is taking hold in every facet of our lives, and after decades of planning for its arrival; it’s finally here. While some companies are still not taking the AI plunge quite yet, it pays to take that first step, or else risk being left behind.

Stay tuned for future Forbes post on the subject.

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